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Early Childhood, Christian Music Education
Sing, dance and play with your child!

Music inspires children to listen, feel, create, imagine, move, engage, and have fun!

What a child has heard in his first six years of life cannot be eradicated later. Thus it is too late to begin teaching at school, because a child stores a mass of musical impressions before school age...

Most schools spend much of a school day developing reading, writing, and arithmetic skills, providing adequate nurturing in two of the intelligence areas. Still, the other five intelligence areas remain relatively neglected.

Feeling the beat has to be independent for the child, you can't make it loud and you can't make it visual as in videos; it has to be felt. Unless the child is rocked, patted, stroked, danced with at the same time; unless adults are creating the feel of the beat for the child who is hearing it, that feel of the beat does not develop.

From Endagered Minds by Jane Healy

The three primary areas of development which the Greeks believed resulted in a well-educated person included math for the development of a healthy brain, physical education for the development of a healthy body, and music for the development of a healthy sensitivity.

If, however, the musical mind is engaged in early stimulation through such activities as hearing and repsonding to music through singing and movement and playing by ear, then we stimulate music intelligence.

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John Feierabend

John Feierabend

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